A Spiritual Psychotherapy to cast off the dark veils and wounded memories of the past and awaken to the joy, creative power and majesty of your Higher Self.

I'm Robert Coleman, a Spiritual Psychotherapist and Founder of Transformational Therapy

In my private practice over the past 25 years I have created an intuitive inner process called Transformational Therapy which specializes in integrating ancient and modern approaches to healing mind, body and soul. I invite you to explore the many paths to awakening the power and beauty your Higher Self.

Many people are awakening to their soul-purpose but feel blocked or stuck in unfolding this emerging higher consciousness in all areas of their life.

Spiritual practice is no longer bound to the isolated confines of ashrams, monasteries or retreats but must more and more become manifest in all aspects of our life and love affairs. It has been said that 93% of our mind is unconscious and only 7% is conscious, yet we lack the inner protocols or pathways to access and change that hard-wired part of ourselves that governs our embedded reactions to life.

We carry limiting beliefs, resistances, traumas, and cellular memories in our subconscious mind from past lives and this life that hold us back from living a life of joy and fulfilling our soul’s purpose.

I intuitively work with many ancient and modern therapeutic tools to get to the root cause of blockages and reprogram those sabotaging beliefs, memories and patterns which open the channels to your own soul guidance. So you can once again feel the innocence, purity, joy and power that you brought forth within you from the Spirit World to do and be that which you truly are!

Transformational Therapy

Healing the Soul-Mind-Body

Transformational Therapy is a multi-dimensional approach to healing the soul, mind, heart and body of the human spirit. Psychosomatic research in medicine has already established the placebo effect as being almost 80% effective in healing physical illness. 


Past lives therapy allows you to stop doing things to people because you have to and to start doing things with people because you want to.”
Dr. Morris Netherton

The Magical Alchemy of Past Life Regression

Understanding Who You Were

​The abiding belief in reincarnation that an eternal soul is embodied again and again upon the earth plane to learn inner lessons has been held for millennia going back to the very roots of recorded history.

Life Between Lives

Becoming Who You Are

​​​Have you ever wondered what happens to you after you die? Have you ever dimly looked into the intangible spirit world and felt that you were surrounded by a host of warm yet infinitely distant presences.

Spirit Releasement

Purifying the Soul


​​As strange as it sounds, sometimes the physical or emotional issues that we seek to resolve or heal do not come from our own past lives. Rather, they can come from a totally different entity — the attached spirit of someone who has already died.

Curses and Blessings

Navigating the Feeling Sea​ 


To grasp the power of what I call curses and blessings within our lives, we need to understand that we live in a living bio-electric universe of emotional energy which we as largely unconscious magicians charge negatively or positively with each thought or feeling that flows through us.

The Alchemy of Relating

Nuts and Bolts of Ecstasy​


The dance of intimacy, of penetrating into the infinite richness of your own aloneness and simultaneously diving deeper and deeper into the harmony and fusion of togetherness with a beloved is the deepest alchemy of love we can practice.

Awakening the Higher Self

The Greek philosopher Socrates taught us that we all have guiding spirit or guardian angel, who is aligned to us from birth and is in continuous inner communion with our super-conscious mind aiding and abetting us through our earthly trials.

The Benefits of Transformational Therapy

  • ​Identifying and healing core unconscious wounds and traumas
  • Releasing draining energetic cords and attachments, as well as learning protective techniques against new attachments
  • Clearing limiting unconscious believes and patterns
  • Gaining inner clarity, discrimination, empowerment and protection, in any area of your life, through learning techniques to remain in communion with your Higher Self, your personal guides and your soul group
  • Clearing energetic blockages, which prevent flow of enthusiasm and energy into your creative expression and fulfilment of your purpose
  • Clearing addictive patterns, obsessive thoughts, irrational fears and phobias
  • Gaining skills to transform and deepen relationships
  • Alleviation of depression and anxiety
  • Improvement of self esteem and self confidence
  • Increased vitality and joyfulness


waved line

I was a little apprehensive about my session. Robert made me feel very comfortable from beginning to end. He has a very supportive, non-judgmental manner. Relaxing and letting myself go at a pace that felt right for me came very naturally, with Robert guiding me along the way.

Susan, Denmark