Life Between Lives

“It is the secret of the world that all things subsist and do not die, but only retire a little from sight and afterwards return again. Nothing is dead; men feign themselves dead, and endure mock funerals… and there they stand looking out of the window, sound and well, in some strange new disguise.”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Have you ever wondered what happens to you after you die?

Have you ever dimly looked into the intangible spirit world and felt that you were surrounded by a host of warm yet infinitely distant presences?

Have you ever felt the overshadowing presence of a whispering urge warning you to do or not to do certain things?

Vague feelings impelling you to move or think or feel in ways you would not normally do?

Do you feel this magical universe is a living infinitely changing presence which mirrors you and guides you and challenges you to evolve into higher forms of consciousness?

Do you believe in omens, signs, tarot cards, psychics and portentous dreams which touch your very soul and awaken slumbering potentials within you?

The majority of us are faintly aware of the non-physical universe and move about this denser world subtly affected by psychic influences when we allow ourselves to open and be receptive to their touch. Yet throughout the ages, certain exceptional individuals with heightened awakening within the inner world have mapped the specific dimensions of the spirit world, understood its laws and mores, channeled its teachings and brought us the fruit of their vast inner labor.

Immanuel Swedenborg, Jacob Boehm, St John of the Cross, Hildegaard von Bingen, Edgar Cayce and dozens of other mystics have shared their inner experiences of what life is like in the inter-dimensional spirit world of our life between lives. The difficulty, of course, is that the language of these mystics is largely drenched in the archaic religious metaphors of the past and today lack a scientific credibility. We no longer read them as past masters of the inner journey, but more often than not as semi-psychotic, delusional religious fanatics parroting an out-dated mythology that only children could believe in.

“Rebirth is an affirmation that must be counted among the primordial affirmations of mankind. The concept of rebirth necessarily implies the continuity of personality. Here the human personality is regarded as continuous and accessible to memory, so that, when one is incarnated or born, one is able, potentially, to remember that one has lived through previous existences.
– Carl G. Jung

In the last half century, however, a new breed of academically trained inner scientists using rational left-brained methodologies have probed the secret caverns of our Unconscious and have brought forth credible maps of our inner consciousness with practical step-by-step how-to routes to the transformational dimension of the spirit world.

One of the most prominent of these inner voyagers is Dr. Michael Newton who used a deep-trance hypnotic age regression technique on more than 8,000 clients in over 40 years of research to map out the multi-dimensional spirit world which resulted in the books Journey of Souls in 1994 and Destiny of Souls in 2000. He discovered it was possible to take his clients beyond their past-life experiences to uncover a more meaningful immortal soul existence between lives.

What’s more, it did not matter whether the clients were atheists or held dogmatic religious views. They all tended to describe the same details with a consistency that demands our attention.

A Life Between Lives session can help you re-experience your soul-state in the Spirit World. This can bring healing, clarity and a deep sense of meaning, purpose and engagement to your life in the here-and-now.

This powerful spiritual regression technique can help those who are merely curious and those who are seeking to answer life’s deepest questions. It can also be of enormous benefit to anyone interested in life after death.

During a Life Between Lives session, you are placed in a state of deep hypnosis and taken into the Spirit World. Once there, you personally meet your Spirit Guide, your Soul Cluster Group and, most importantly, you can seek guidance from your own Council of Elders about any problems, issues or concerns in your present lifetime. You can also visit the Place of Body Selection where you chose your present body. So you can find out why you selected this particular body.

These sessions, lasting about four hours, can offer profound information of benefit to you. Through this process, I help people in recovering their soul memories to foster a greater integration of mind, body and spirit in their daily life.



Life between lives is the state whereby your soul is journeying through different soul states in-between two lives. It is the period from after your spirit leaves your physical body in the last life to just prior to physical incarnation in this current lifetime.

The easiest way to access your LBL memory is through a hypnotherapy session. I had a life-between-life regression therapy myself some months ago. If you are interested in an account of what happened, read on. The details are mostly compiled from a transcript of the audio recording made while I was in session.

It was Michael Newton’s book Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives that got me interested. His book provides a detailed description of the soul’s journey at each stage in spirit form as it journeys in-between two physical incarnations. Although I can access many of my past life memories and am hypnotherapy-trained, I cannot quite remember about my soul life in the spirit world. Interestingly, when I was reading the book two months ago, I ran into a certified LBL Therapist, Robert Coleman, in Perth Australia.


During my session with him, Robert first regressed me to the very end of a previous lifetime. I saw myself as an old woman wrinkled at about 82 years in age. There was a small gathering of people around me. I could not see their faces clearly but I was aware that they were family members and children. I was in a green plain gown, lying on my deathbed.

I was asked to go to the moment just before I take my last breath.

Robert: What feelings do you take with you from that life ?

Me: Sadness.

Robert: What thought went with the sadness?

Life between lives hypnotherapy

Me: Sadness with a sense of appreciation. [In a resolute tone] I want to go. I was then asked to go to the point where my heart stops beating. I was conscious about feeling fear at this point. I had a surge of fear that I was going to die while being hypnotized!! Nevertheless, I decided to follow his instruction. Flashes of light. Something pulling me strongly. I saw flashes of lights all round before me over my head. They were drawing me towards them. It was impossible to ignore the lights. I heard Robert telling me to ensure that I am totally out of my body.

Robert: Where are you now?

Me: I am just standing there. In the room.

Robert: Describe yourself.

Me: I have got long flowy hair. [Looking down at my hand and fingers] My hands are no longer wrinkled. I am all white. My green gown has turned white.

Robert: Are you ready to move on, to go back home? Just enjoy the journey.

Me: I am in a tunnel. It is like a long tunnel that stretches with no clear end. Everything is white. I am on some kind of travelator. I am moving pretty fast; partly walking and partly floating. I am feeling very excited.

Me: I see white flower crystals in the background.
[Two or three minutes lapsed.]

Me: I am coming to a stop. I am not quite sure what I am supposed to be doing next. 


At the end of the tunnel was a fork. I stood there. Do I go left or right? I searched my thoughts. It dawned on me that I was waiting for someone to show up. I was expecting someone.

Me: There are like two or three of them. Only one is coming up towards me. Ahhh… is my spirit guide. She looks so much like me. I am like a version of her. Except that she appears much older, much wiser, much lighter and much more beautiful. She is holding my hand.

I was so happy about meeting Mia, that I quite forgot about the rest. I believed they were my guides too. But I was drawn to Mia since I recognized her as the guide for my current lifetime too.

Robert: Look straight into her eyes and tell me what you see.

Me: Dark brown. Eyes convey wisdom, love and beauty.

Me: She has long wavy hair, sharp nose and a beautiful smile. She is crystalline white. She is telling me that she has been there all along even during the times when I have been down.

Me: [Somewhat confused] Wait a minute…I see this other image coming up. It is like a split image. An image of a North American Indian young woman. I think this figure is her as well.

Robert: Was she with you in another lifetime as a guide too?

Me: [pause] Yes. The sense was that we had been together through “thick and thin” for several of my past lives already. Mia next held my hands in hers and guided me along. 



We headed towards a big rock structure. The rock was huge with some word inscription carvings on it. The wordings were in red and appeared to be a Chinese proverb. I could not clearly see what the words are. To Robert’s question, I replied that the sense of the meaning of the carvings is about resting. I noted that we were at the stop to rest. It was to take a break from carrying the weight of weariness in my previous lifetime.

I sat down to meditate for a long time. The length required in meditation was in relation to the time required to connect to peace once again after a period of anger, bitterness and suffering. I needed to regain my balance.

Robert: How was it like in your past life?

Me: I was angry and bitter. I was expecting things in a certain way. There was jealousy too. I could not get what I wanted. It took me a long time to learn about giving these up. Yet, when I was about to leave, there were people grieving for me. Despite all the bitterness, there was much love. [Tears] After a while, I felt ready to move on. I felt much calmer and lighter from the meditation and experienced a change in my appearance somewhat. I saw a trail that led me upwards to a pavilion.


Me: Someone is waiting for me at the pavilion. It is an old man. He is wearing some kind of a chinese costume. Long white hair. Really old. Wise. White bushy eyebrows. He is beckoning me to come forward to talk to him. My head was slightly bowed in respect as I approached him.

I sit down next to him on the circular table he was on.

Me: I am here for some lessons. He is a wise sage. Yup, I have worked with him before. Several times. A continuation of lessons. I am here for new lessons. I am ready for the next class. Every lesson in on a different topic. These lessons are on guilt, shame, cruelty, forgiveness (and so on). I had an inner knowing that the wise sage was Lao Tzu. I did not voice this out to Robert as she had not asked me who he was. My silence was also contributed by the fact that I was “shocked” to see him. I had not expected to experience any Being that is related to any ancient Chinese wisdom.

Me: The lessons do not come in a long lecture. They are short. More telepathic. Not too much talking. The lessons are in the form of a knowing. The explanations and understanding is contained in the cryptic yet profound messages.

Robert: What are the lessons that you are learning this time?

Me: Forgiveness and patience. More about forgiveness of self. Committing little acts of crime does not make me a lesser person. I have been penalizing myself. The lesson is that there is no need for the standards that I have been holding myself to. All standards are self imposed. All expectations are self created.

Robert: What are the consequences of your lesson?

Me: I forget who I am. I am misaligned. I have believed that those standards were true. I have created walls and barriers that separated me from others.

Me: On patience, time is a construct of the mind. Everything is eternal. In my mind, I see a gate that is lifted up. It is an iron wrought gate that I have built around myself. By lifting up this gate, the barriers are no more there. All that remains is the essence of who I am.

Me: The old man is patting me on my hand now. The lesson feels complete. I have to come back some other time for more lessons. I am aware that I have to move on but……am not quite where to go next.

Me: I have three options, to go up, sideways and another road that leads me down. [Pause]. I think I will go up. I am on my own now. I do not need my guide, Mia, anymore. 


Me: I am getting lighter and lighter. I appear to be heading for a place that is high up in the clouds. There are a number of Beings there. They are in like a semicircle.

Me: They have a wise appearance, although I cannot get quite a good look at them. My head is slightly bowed. A group of ascended masters. Eight or nine of them. They are expecting me but they are not saying anything to me. No words are needed apparently. The peace here is immense.

Me: I am here for some kind of energy purification. I am just sitting here in energy transference to me. The attunement here is perfection. The experience is not the same with the other stop. Here is not about life lesson but about getting re-attuned again. Everything is pure, clean, clear.
[Some minutes go by].

Me: I now radiate with white lights coming from me. Before I was a spirit with some vibrancy, long wavy hair and all. I now see myself as a more serious demeanor. My hair is straight. I have a calmness and serenity about me. The sensing is of deeper clarity. My movements are slower, more in the flow.


Robert then asked me to go to my soul group. I was reluctant to do so, as I was enjoying exploring my journey freely so far. Nevertheless, I did as she requested.

Me: I am coming to some kind of a village. There are houses and compartments. It does not feel fully occupied. Beings were coming out to welcome me back. Some of the souls are not there. They are in incarnation. I next saw my current husband, two daughters, brothers and other family members. Each have agreed to share or teach an important life aspect such as forgiveness, letting go, courage, etc – to me. I am not sharing them here because this post is getting too lengthy! What was essential to note was that there was a general theme that bound the members of this soul group together. We were meant to provide the necessary support to each other to serve humanity, to be lightworkers.
Robert: Are you a member of this soul group only?
Me: I am with a number of soul groups. Perhaps another three or more. But I appear to be like a teacher for the rest. With a number of souls from the other groups, we have had many lives together.


Next, Robert asked me to move on to the meeting with the elders or the wise ones.

Me: There are seven of them. Only one seems to be the spokesperson. [I recognized him to be Lao Tzu again.] More luminous here. White long hair, white bushy eyebrows, maybe a mustache. Elderly appearance. He is showing me his wooden crooked staff.

Robert: What does the staff represent?

Me: Make use of ancient knowledge. Tap into it. There is a lot of nooks and crooks on his staff. The nooks and crooks are representative of the challenges over lifetimes. But the wisdom is contained all within. [In a whisper] I need to look into the nooks carefully to discover the hidden messages.

Me: The staff is a tool. I see the image of a fountain pen. I can communicate with him if I want to. I must believe that it is possible. The challenge is in the belief. Once I can get pass it, the access will be free and flowing. Information won’t stop.

Robert: Can he share with you how you can break free from your beliefs?

Me: I am wrapping myself in metal chains. They are just figments of my imagination. They are not real.

Robert: Can he show you a certain time frame when it is possible to break free?

Me: He can’t show me. I need to meditate. The purpose of the meditation is to understand that everything is not real. It is just an illusion. Nothing is real. Need to trust and believe.

Robert: What soul energy do you take with you into this current lifetime?

Me: [Pause…feeling baffled at the question] 70%. I can always access it.

Robert: What messages do you take with you into your current life?

Me: No need to hurry. It is not a one lifetime kind of thing. It is about accessing past knowledge and wisdom. I need to learn to work with energy. I can do whatever I want in my lifetime really. The difference only lies in how I wish to express myself. There is also no need to rush. Everything is happening in perfect timing.

We thanked the wise elders. Mia appeared. She came to say good-bye.


I was given three options in terms of the life I would like to lead currently. But it was clear what my choice was. The pathway of the one I felt inclined to appeared lighted up. Another life choice will be one with cushier circumstances. But the sense I got was that it would be less exciting. I felt that I would get quite bored with the lack of challenges. Rather, I looked forward to the one I have chosen.

Robert: Do you take this excitement with you?

Me: Yes.

Robert: Now go to the point where you merge with the baby’s body. When was this?

Me: Three months.

Robert: Are you fully in the baby’s body yet?

Me: Not yet. Full merging happened at 6 months or later.

Robert: Describe your feelings and sensations upon merging.

Me: Newness and excitement. There is a lot of hope. I want to experience the human touch and contact again. I still carry a sense of knowing where I came from. It is like a little spark inside me. The spark is very much reduced in size. It becomes much easier for me to carry it wherever I go. 

Robert next proceeded to bring me back to the here and now. I was asked to bring with me all the information and knowledge I have gained and that it will always be available to me whenever I need them. I was asked to bring my senses back to my physical body. 

I gradually returned to full consciousness in my body except for my left arm. Consciousness of my left arm simply refused to return. After a series of questions, it seemed that another past life held the answers. After we agreed to my Higher Self that we would address it in another clearing session, did I come back fully.


Throughout my session, I had no awareness of time. It was only when I came back to full consciousness did I find out that I had been in deep trance for more than 3 hours.

l went almost immediately into trance, my body was in heat. I felt like I was burning up! I almost wanted to abort the session. But sheer will kept me going. About three quarters into the session, I told Robert that I was feeling “hot”. Somehow in my hypnotized state, I was not able to communicate clearly that I did not want to proceed due to the discomfort. Well, in the de-brief that followed the review, Robert shared that the feeling of heat was indicative of being in the presence of an ascended master.

My LBL session was like a spiritual adventure. Upon review, it did not quite follow the sequence as described by Michael Newton. But I was told that it did not really matter. The session helped me connect with ascended masters and got an energy attunement in the process. It is certainly not the same as doing a past life regression, which involves unlocking the secrets of past life causes to current life problems.