Exploring my past lives has given me a deep understanding of why things have happened to me in this life. I no longer feel desperate or wish that I could die. The deep depression I have experienced my entire life is lifting. Everything is making sense to me now. I look at my relationships differently and I am able to make better decisions. For the first time, I’m setting boundaries and letting go of people who do not respect those boundaries. I am more empowered and I feel I have much more control over my life. I’m moving forward with an understanding that could not have been achieved without your assistance. Our sessions together have been incredibly helpful. Thank you so much!

Douglas, NSW

Thank you for the wonderful experience in our recent session! It is seldom that something so anticipated actually lives up to the expectations. In this case it vastly exceeded them.

The time we spent was pleasant, helpful, and insightful. I gained answers to many questions that have been perplexing me all my life, and pointed toward a lot of nuances about myself that require further contemplation and exploration. Where I had previously felt adrift in the meaning and purpose of my life, I now feel much more centered. It helped me understand the true difference between ‘safe’ choices and ‘best possible’ choices.

Not only was the actual experience highly beneficial, but also your recommendations regarding developmental resources are proving invaluable. I have not, and will not stop learning from this! Our time together was well spent, as a life lesson and a memorable experience. Again, I cannot thank you enough! 

Nina, Croatia

Through Past-Life Regression and Life Between Lives Regression, Robert helped me figure out the issues between me and my father when cognitive therapy did not. I had blamed my dad for many bad experiences that I was aware of, in this life and others, and it turned out that I was the culprit who had started the cycle! I was able to forgive myself, and him, and release it all.

Robert is kind, sensitive. knowledgeable and, above all, present to whatever situation presents itself. I thought hypnotherapy was going to be weird, but it was actually just a relaxed state of awareness, and Robert made me feel so comfortable and safe as I explored what I was seeing and feeling. We’ve even done sessions over the phone! You’re in good hands with Robert.

Cynthia, Singapore

So much has changed since our session. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I am a lot happier. I’m making much better choices in the foods that I eat. I got so many questions answered that have been bothering me for years. And I was really surprised at how quickly the changes started happening. The session has profoundly changed my life – allowing me to let go of the past and, for the first time in years, begin to see new possibilities all around me.

Debra, U.S.A

During my Life Between Lives session, I met with my Council of Elders in the Spirit World. Their guidance was invaluable and has led me to make major changes regarding my career, my approach to relationships and love, and how I look at money and material possessions. If you really want to transform your life, I strongly encourage you to work with Robert.

David, Perth

Using hypnosis, Robert enabled me to discover a critical past life that gave me the insight I needed to resolve long-standing issues so I could move forward in my life. During the session, Robert also connected me with key people in my life who had either passed on or are still alive — and I was able to come to closure with them in a powerful and loving way.

Phillip, Perth

He informed me what he would do, what would happen, and made me feel comfortable about trying this. I decided to give it a try. I had nothing to lose. What I found was a very relaxing, enjoyable experience that also taught me about who I am, and about my past lives. It was literally life changing. I leftwanting to find out more.

Albert, Sydney

Being the skeptical yet curious person that I am, I wasn’t sure about trying Past Life Regression. Robert is someone I know I can trust and wouldn’t do anything that would jeopardize it. My initial thoughts were that he wouldn’t be able to take me to my past, but it happened in spades! I had no idea my unconscious mind held such powerful and emotional stories that I deeply related to…needless to say, so much was released and I feel incredible. Thank you!!

Margaret, Perth

I was a little apprehensive about my session. Robert made me feel very comfortable from beginning to end. He has a very supportive, non-judgmental manner. Relaxing and letting myself go at a pace that felt right for me came very naturally, with Robert guiding me along the way.

Susan, Denmark

Robert is an incredibly wise, intuitive and gifted soul who helped me to experience a relaxed revelation that opened by mind and heart towards healing, insight and a deeper understanding of myself.

John, Perth