I suffered from depression and anxiety most of my life and, being traditionally trained health professional myself, I followed all conventional and some non-conventional treatments and advice searching for answers, but nothing seemed to eradicate the root of the problem and every relapse I seemed to be sinking deeper, until I met Robert for Transformational Therapy. The results were amazing! After only two months of therapy I was able to come off my medications, which I was taking for almost ten years, and a year later I have not had a relapse of depression and feeling more energetic and joyous than ever! Thank you! 

Janet, Sydney

Throughout my life I battled the feeling of being lost and not belonging in the world. I searched for answers high and low, but still felt like I was missing the point. Spending time at Robert’s sessions was fascinating, and for the first time in my life there is a feeling that I am on the right path, the path to the truth. Robert studied spirituality and philosophy most of his life and I have never met anyone with such deep understanding of spirit world, human unconscious mind and different stages of spiritual unfoldment, as Robert.

Gareth, Perth

Infinitely grateful to Robert, whose sessions truly changed my life! There is so much more joy and laughter in every mundane thing that I do every day, thank to the light you helped me to discover within myself! Robert has an ability to bring the darkness in anyone to the light and transform it. Thank you for holding my hand through the darkest journeys in my unconscious, never ever judging the demons we discovered, although I was judging them myself. Thank you for being brave enough to always telling me the truth that I needed to hear, when no one else around me did. My life now is so much better because of you! I feel freer and more empowered than ever! 

Catherine, Perth